Monday, May 31, 2010

GoG 145: The Bike Ride Along the Lake

Wednesday of the Mackinaw trip was kind of a "veg" day for us by the lake. Hannah and I kind of went our own separate ways for part of the day - she took a book to a "plagueless" area of the lakeside while I rode my bike around the city.

Let me clarify "plagueless" as a side note:
So ... there were some kind of creepy-looking flies down by the beach ... and throughout the area ... all week. Oh my gosh! They were insane. When we tried to walk along the beach, we were attacked! Thankfully, they weren't stinging bugs, but wow, they were crazy! There were probably millions of them just flyin' around ruining people's vacation! Ha ha! They buzzed around us, landed on us ... attacked us, really! ... no matter how much bug spray we used!! So we ended up calling them "The Plague."

Back to the grace ... 'cause oh my word, what's the grace in "The Plague"??? Ha ha! ...... The grace I DID find in the day was just soaking up the lake ... not literally ... the water was still pretty cold, and neither one of us brought our swimsuits ... but just looking at the lake. I stopped a few times along my bike ride near the lake to jump off my bike and just take it all in. .... Lake Michigan is one of my favorite places in the world. Oh ... and it wasn't Lake Michigan ... it was Lake Huron ... ha! So please disregard "Lake Michigan" in my last few posts - it was Lake Huron. ... Anyways ... the lake was gorgeous! I love lakes! So it was my grace from God for the day .... just to sit and look ... just to ride my bike around and look at the lake.

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