Friday, May 14, 2010

GoG 114: The Night of Grace

About three weeks ago, I was really struggling with my calling to SoZo. I was just feeling burned out and ineffective and full of doubts. Ugh. It was AWFUL! Thankfully, I decided to abound ahead of time, so no manner of doubt or worry or burn out I feel will keep me from getting back to my calling. :) Praise God for that! That's a glimpse of grace in and of itself, huh???!!! :)

GoG 114 came in two ways on the night of our last Common Ground of the school year. .... I was really bummin' out that Sunday .... whew. It was bad! And I got to Common Ground (which always boosts my spirits, by the way), and the entire night was a blessing. We had it at Pittsboro United Methodist Church ... the Pittsboro folks lead worship ... and oh my gosh ... it was one of the best worship services I've been to in months and months! God pulled me out of my pity party, my bummin' out, my focus on self ... and brought me directly into His presence. I was liftin' my hands and even hollerin' a bit (it was part of the worship ... "everyone" ... or at least the folks who didn't have an ego to stroke ;) .... were hollerin' a bit - it was a part of the worship)!!! It was great! I was so blessed! .... The second great glimpse of grace that night was a word of encouragement from my friend, Nathanael. Nathanael is the youth pastor at Hendricks Community Bible Church. And his encouragement couldn't have been more timely. We talked for several minutes, but the bottom line of our conversation was "Mical, you are gifted and capable of doing this" (the "this" being working with youth .... and more specifically, teaching/loving on the kids at Calvary). It was incredible! God really used him to touch my heart. I was entirely awed by God's grace that night ... He was just showering it on!!!!

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