Thursday, May 20, 2010

GoG 129: The Chat with Uncle Mikey :)

A couple of weeks ago, I was really struggling with some very girl-ish kinds of thoughts .... and really, they were probably ONLY Mical-ish kinds of thoughts. I don't think many people (many girls) think as much about what they want in a husband as I do. I overthink about it all the time. Probably to the point of it being unhealthy. I'll probably be single my entire life 'cause my standards are too high. ;) So that's why I say I was struggling with very Mical-ish kinds of thoughts.

I got to talking about them with my Uncle Mikey from church. He gave me lots of good advice ... just about not worrying so much ... just going with the flow ... not getting so caught up in thinking and overthinking and expectations that I miss out on what God really has for me. You'd have to be there to get the good stuff ... but it was just really encouraging ... but it also helped me realize that I haven't let go of some things (at least not entirely) that I thought I'd let go of months ago! So it was also eye-opening ... or heart-opening, I should say. Never easy. But always good for me. So having my heart opened a bit was a glimpse of grace ... but also, just getting to chat with Uncle Mike was grace. What a gift. :)

I even got a "I love you, kido" at the end of the night! :)

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Anonymous said...

I think about it a lot, too.
A lot of times it's, "Dear Father, please don't let him be like THAT snobby customer or THAT irritating book character or...." :)

I think a lot about "Hmm, would he share this with me? Would he like to take this drive? Could he appreciate this CD?" etc.

I have to take every thought captive to Christ. I think it's ok if I think about my future husband from time to time...even good in feeding godly dreams.
But I also have to be all of us girls need to be. :)
It's wonderful how I can just take it back to Jesus. JESUS can share this with me RIGHT NOW, I can share the beauty of this drive with JESUS, and I can talk to Him about every single thing, because He is the husband of my soul.

I wonder if my husband will like apple pie or cherry pie? :)