Thursday, May 20, 2010

GoG 123: The God Who Speaks to My Heart :)

Well, I'm gonna take GoG 123 to tell y'all a little about what God's been doing in my life. It'll be my glimpse of grace for Tuesday, May 4th. Wow ... I really am behind, huh? ;)

I'm in a crazy stage of life. An "in-between" stage. I'm a college grad ... single ... wanting to work with kids and youth. I've had a few big disappointments in the past 3 years ... been developing lots of insecurities ... and my calling has been changing a bit. Whew! It's still overwhelming when I really sit down and think deeply about it. .... So ... I'm in a "self-discovery/setting the stage for the rest of my life" kind of season in my life. Tough to articulate specifics ... but to put it simply ... ever since I started leading the youth ministry at Calvary, I've had doubts - "I'm a woman." "I have no training." "I wanted to be a public school teacher, Lord." "I'm TOO sanguine!" "I'm so inadequate." On and on. But lately, God's been confirming in my heart that I'm EXACTLY where He wants me right now. Through words of encouragement from friends, His Word, through other things I've read, and by simply speaking to my heart. It's been amazing!

I'm still kind of "feeling out" my calling. Even though I'm where God wants me NOW ... I feel like He may lead me somewhere else (either physically, emotionally, spiritually) soon. So I'm testing out different places in ministry, seeking His face for direction and specifics, and serving where I'm at ... all while trying to figure out my temperament, my strengths, my weaknesses, my dreams and aspirations, etc. But through it all, it's amazing to know that God SPEAKS to my heart - CONFIRMS in my heart what He wants for me ... and at just the right time too. Wow! His grace is amazing!!!!

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