Wednesday, May 19, 2010

GoG 120: The Man from 1 By Youth

Wow! Like I said in my previous post ... 1 By Youth was amazing!!!!!! I did all kinds of jobs that day: I helped youth pastors check in their youth groups; I painted ceiling tiles; I swept sidewalks; I mulched a bit; I organized lunches; I pulled weeds ... lots of good work was done that day. That should be enough grace for the day, right? The ability and passion and exciteableness in serving?? Oh, it was! But one small ... very small part of the day ... was my glimpse of grace for that specific day at 1 By Youth.

There was a man at the event named Eli. He helped us run the computers for check-in. It was a pretty hectic morning. Several youth groups came to the event, so there were several youth pastors coming in to turn in paperwork and sign in their kids. I was the "cash line." I really don't like handling money. I shouldn't have volunteered for the job, but no one else was ... so ... there ya go - I volunteered. I was really overwhelmed all morning. At one point, the computer wasn't working. At another point, I didn't save a document right. At yet another point, I didn't give some guy his receipt, so I had to run all over the building to track him down. And on and on. .... Do you know me? I start freaking out the minute things go just a little wrong. So I was completely overwhelmed ... frantic at moments. Toward the end of the morning, right before the youth groups were sent out to their job sites, I told Eli that I was "so sorry" ... that I was "more trouble than I was worth." And you know what? He looked at me and said, "Don't you think we have a better self-perspective than that?" I was totally blown away! He didn't look at me and say ... "yeah! Wish we hadn't asked you to volunteer!" He didn't say, "You're right ... get out of here, you crazy woman!" I must've thought that was exactly what he was gonna say 'cause I was totally taken aback to here him speak truth ... to see his right perspective in the situation.

Later, he said something even more grace-full. I was telling him that I often get overwhelmed over such little things ... that I'm a spaz ... etc. And he looked at me again and asked, "You do know that God made you that way, right?" And again .... total God moment. Total grace goin' on here! Eli was telling me to EMBRACE who I am. He didn't agree that I was a spaz. He didn't tell me I was a lunatic and walk away. He didn't get annoyed at me. He simply said, "God made you the way you are." What a gift! It truly was!!!!

I've been thinking a lot about who I am lately. I've been reading about the temperaments ... and seeking God for His calling for my life ... and trying to embrace who I am. Eli's words that day were an important catalyst that helped me start down a journey of sorts in embracing who I am in Christ. And like I've said in at least one other post - I am a Sanguine ... at least mostly. And I need to role with it! Thank you, Eli, for that reminder! It was such a glimpse of God's grace.

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