Thursday, May 20, 2010

GoG 138: The Rather New Friend :)

There is a really gorgeous girl with the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. She's a rather new friend of mine. Her name is Hannah Kay. She is marrying the marvelous James Nilsen. I haven't gotten to know her well over the past several months since I met her .... but she recently told me that we should be friends - to which I said "yes, indeed" and was thrilled. :) That is grace by itself ... new friends - especially cute, fun, kind friends like Hannah. But the grace for Wednesday was that she invited me to help out with wedding plans. So not only does she want us to be friends but she wants me to help her with her most important day of her life?? Wow! Is it weird that I was so flattered? ... I guess there's a back story that some of you don't know ... nor will you know ... but still, I was flattered. I was thankful. I was excited to help. So I went. And I helped address envelopes. And it was good. :)


Rachael said...

Love you Mikey and I'm so happy for you two becoming friends. :)

Anonymous said...

How wonderful!

Yes, she does have beautiful eyes! And more beautiful still is the sweet spirit that shines through them.

I had the priveledge of talking with her a bit at Alec's open house. You two strike me as people who could be good amigas. (she can help you on your Spanish, too...)