Thursday, May 20, 2010

GoG 135: The (AMAZING) Spaghetti Dinner and a Show!!!

Oh my goodness! I have the most amazing kids in the world!!!!!

Sunday night, we put on a spaghetti dinner and a show for one of our many fundraisers this year. We've never done a dinner like it before .... and a lot of planning went in to it ... so I was a bit nervous. But it was absolutely amazing!!!! A lot of hard work for the kitchen people ... but man, oh man! Amazingness, indeed. You must go on the SoZo facebook page and check out the pictures!

The kids dedicated nearly their entire day to the event .... practicing skits, setting up tables, tearing down the sanctuary, cooking food .... wow! No one complained. No one ditched. Everyone was so patient and kind and enthusiastic! We had tons of people from church show up plus family members of people from church .... and we made $700 from the event!!!! It was awesome!!!! A wonderful day! My kids were so great! I couldn't be more proud!!!! And they even surprised me with flowers afterward! Ahh! Amazing day!!!! And such grace! Such grace!!!

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