Thursday, May 20, 2010

GoG 132: The After School Buddy

Last week was the last week of after school on the Eastside for the school year. I went the very last two days - Wednesday and Thursday. And for some reason, the kids were extra affectionate ... and several of them asked me to help them with their homework and help with during reading time - on both days. It was so fun to be "popular" as I kept telling the other leaders ... and yes, I WAS bragging a bit. ;)

But what I loved more than being popular was that Mathanael was my #1 guy! He had been my buddy most of the semester. I helped him with his homework and reading more than any other leader this past semester, and he really wanted me to be his buddy last week too. :) And he was so sad when I had to leave on Thursday afternoon. "Are you coming to the summer stuff, Miss Mical?" "Why do you have to leave early, Miss Mical?" "Can't you play just one more game of jacks with me, Miss Mical?" Oh, it was priceless! And such grace too. I touched this little guy's heart. And he touched mine.

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