Thursday, May 20, 2010

GoG 128: The Blessing and Conviction

Okay! I'm determined to get these done tonight! I'm determined to catch up with my GoGs!!!! :)

GoG 128: The Blessing And Conviction

Earlier this month for worship, Jon, Uncle Mike, and I sang several songs that we all just love - some of my favorite worship songs ever! :) One of them is called "His Delight." The chorus goes like this: "His delight is hearing praises from His own. So day and night, I will lift them to His throne. And I who was nothing now have mercy in His sight. Through His Son, I've become His delight." I was blessed by this chorus that Sunday morning because I was reminded that God takes delight in me. No matter what I've done or how I've denied His lordship in my life, He ALWAYS loves me. He ALWAYS delights in me. Well ... He doesn't like the sin I commit ... but He forever delights in calling me His daughter. See? Isn't that good? :)

Also, during worship, we sang other songs like "I See the Lord" and "'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus." I was convicted by these songs because I hadn't been trusting Jesus with my life - I'd been worrying about the silliest and littlest of things ... and I hadn't had Jesus "seated on the throne of my life." I'd been distracted by too many other things. .... It wasn't an easy worship service 'cause conviction is never easy .... but just as my pastor has been sharing the past couple of Sundays ... we should count it a gift when we can FEEL God's conviction ... but the hearts of many are growing cold, and one day, many people will never feel or hear God's conviction.

And these were my glimpses of grace for the day :)

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