Thursday, April 1, 2010

GoG 86: The Callings Chat with PM

Sunday afternoon Tiffany and Neil went to Wal-Mart, and I rode home from church with Pastor Mike, Shelley, and the kids. When we got back to their house, Pastor Mike, Shelley, and I sat in the living room ... and PM started asking me about ministry. .... specifically, youth ministry ... and asked me more about SoZo and what I've been doing/continue to do with my life concerning ministry. We got to talking about callings ... my calling ... what I think it is right now ... and how I think it's changing.

It was really great to get some thoughts/ideas off my chest ... but it was just really good to talk to Pastor Mike, specifically ... Shelley too ... but Pastor Mike, especially - about my calling. It was grace because Pastor Mike was (and really still IS) my youth pastor ... next to my parents, he and Shelley have had the greatest impact on my life for Christ .... and any and every conversation with him is God's grace at work. I am so thankful for him. :)

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