Wednesday, January 13, 2010

GoG 12: The Little Rosey-Cheeked, Brown-Eyed Girl

Last night, I went to see one of my girls play in her first basketball game of the season. She plays on the 7th grade Avon Orioles "B" Team at Avon Middle School North. I didn't know there was more than one game, so I got to Zionsville's gym a little before 5:30pm and shortly thereafter, realized that Caylee did not play until the second game. At around 6:45pm, Caylee and her team took the floor. .... Now, I like basketball. I like sports in general. But sitting in a gym where the only person I knew was Caylee, who wouldn't be down on the floor with her team for another 45 minutes, I was getting a little antsy.

Half-way through the "A" team's game, a mother and her three kids came and sat right in front of me. She had two sons who looked to be maybe 8 and 11 years old. And she had a daughter who looked like she was 5 or 6 years old. .... She was adorable. She had really red cheeks and the biggest brown eyes I've seen in a long while. She was pretty funny to watch. One minute she was drawing on the basketball roster that was handed out before the game, using her mom's back as a hard surface. The next minute she was laying on her back, lifting the roster and her pen, trying to draw a picture with these in the air. All the while, she was talking to herself. She ran up and down the bleachers, hung on her dad's arm, continued talking to herself. Just being cute like lots of 5-year-olds are.

I took her as my glimpse of grace for the day because I took joy in watching her be a 5-year-old. Once again, it was a simple joy that tugged at my heart. 4, 5, and 6 year-olds are hilarious and tons of fun (a handful as well but great!) because they are just starting to understand the world around them. It's just a funny stage of life because they are in discovery mode .... but also 'cause they are totally oblivious to self-esteem and boundaries and what to say/not to say, what to wear/not to wear ... all of the lame things we "older, wiser" people worry about. So they are just fun to watch. This little girl named Becca (she spelled it on a piece of paper ... B e c c Q. Nice, huh?) didn't care, or even notice, that she fell off the bleacher because she missed the seat entirely when she tried to sit down or that her hair was standing straight up, static-electrified after laying down on the bleacher for a few minutes. She was just having fun drawing and talking and jumping around on the bleachers.

And that's it. The innocence of a 5-year-old. ..... I used to be like Becca. Oblivious. And it was a good kind of oblivious. I didn't worry about any of the things I worry about now. I didn't care what people thought or fitting in. I just loved Jesus, and my confidence was in Him. .... What happened to those days? And how can I get 'em back? Thank you, Lord, for this tiny glimpse of grace.

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Anonymous said...

I remember those days.
I miss them too!

You know, in a way, we can get them back.
As we become more consumed by Jesus Christ, we don't notice ourselves so much.
Isn't that a marvelous thought?
When our vision is filled with our dear Jesus, then we lose our insecurities and worried about ourselves.

After all, as Leslie Ludy says (paraphrased):
"Insecurity is simply an unhealthy focus on yourself, rather than a healthy focus on Jesus Christ."