Sunday, January 17, 2010

GoG 14: The Calling

Gosh. Gettin' behind again. This every single day thing is hard!

Today's (or rather - Thursday's) glimpse of grace came in the form of frustration. .... I've been working with some really amazing kids on the Eastside of Indianapolis for almost a year and a half now. It is an awesome time every Wednesday and Thursday ... a time of eating with the kids, laughing with them, helping them with homework, playing games, talking, and learning more about how we can love Jesus - together. ... Well, a lot of the kids didn't have homework today, so after we ate, I was in charge of 5 kids. We were supposed to set up chairs for a group that comes to the church later in the week. Kids are crazy creatures ... they are loud, rambunctious, and well ... a little distracted. We started taking the chairs down, but before I knew it, half of the kids were running and sliding across the wood floor, others were playing the piano, writing the the chalkboard, and just runnin' around actin' crazy, as kids often do. After a while (and after several times of telling the kids to help set up the chairs), I was getting frustrated. When kids don't listen (even after 5, 6, 7 times of telling them to do something), it gets a little frustrating. .... Finally, I told them we had five minutes to put of the rest of the chairs and then we'd play a game ... they somewhat got it together and started helping. We finally finished setting up the chairs and started the game. And I sighed a sigh of relief and let out my frustration ... and we started playing a game (that was actually really fun!).

The grace in that situation is that ... in all my years of working with kids, I never get burned out to the point of quitting. And as I get older, I become more patient with my kids. No matter how crazy the day is or how rebellious/crazy/frustrating the kids get (which is not very often - but definitely from time to time), I never want to quit ... in fact, I also want to go back for more! :) ... And it is in these moments that I get my confirmation that I AM, INDEED, living out my calling. And that is God's grace in action - giving me a calling and ability/patience/joy/strength to do it everyday.

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Anonymous said...

Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass.
I Thessalonians 5:24

God calls us to specific things.
He equips us to do them by His grace.

God also calls us to be like Jesus Christ, His glorious Son.
He equips us, by His almighty power with everything that we need to be totally transformed.
See 2 Peter 1:3