Saturday, January 23, 2010

GoG 23: The Hodgins' Situation

So I don't watch a lot of TV. I try not to 'cause there really are better ways to use my time. But there are a couple of shows I enjoy. I used to watch Family Matters and The Cosby Show a lot growing up. These days, I've been watching Chuck and Bones. Chuck is the only one I've been sort of keeping up with. I've gotta find out if Chuck and Sarah ever really get together! ;) .... Tonight, my mom was out shopping for food for The Porch (Stop by sometime! The brownies are amazing!!!!! And the other food too.), my dad was watching college basketball, and my brother is at USI. So I decided to take some rest time ... just chill for the evening. I got on "hulu" and watched some episodes of Bones.

One episode had a situation that I identified with a lot ... and I'm gonna call it my glimpse of grace for today. :) There are two characters in the show named "Hodgins" and "Angela." They are scientist-type people who work in the lab on the show. Well, (last season, I'm guessing) they were "together." Then they broke up. This season, Angela is with another guy, and Hodgins is having a hard time with it. He thought he had moved on and was fine, but when Angela and the new guy started dating, he realized he was really struggling.

Thankfully, I'm not going through that NOW. But I was a few months ago. I know what it's like to "break up" and miss that person. While that person was single, it wasn't toooo bad. But when he finally got a girlfriend, "it was like someone stabbed me with a knife." Hodgins said that ... and I remember saying something similar last year. ...... But what I liked most about this part of the episode was that Hodgins went to his psychologist friend and told him that he wanted to be happy for Angela and the new guy ... that he didn't want to be mad or jealous. They continued to talk, and the psychologist friend said, "I don't think you're jealous. You're grieving over what you lost." And I immediately said, "yes!" ..... I don't think I was ever jealous of my friend's new girlfriend. I was happy for them. But I still had a stinging feeling every time I thought of him or "them" being together. I truly was sad, grieving, even ... over the loss of the relationship ... and even the friendship.

This may sound like an over-dramatic depiction of my past, but it's what happened. I'm so thankful that I still love and respect that friend more than he knows, and I think his girlfriend is an amazing girl .... 'cause even though I'm healed over that situation and so happy for the friend (and new friend), it was rough for quite a while. And it WAS grief. I lost something ... someone. Thankfully, it's pretty much better. I'm actually excited about things again ... and really starting to grab hold of the lessons that God taught me through the situation ... seeing that God is "finishing the good work He started" and "working it all out for my good" ... just like He promised. So Hodgins' situation was just another reminder of the lessons and the grace that God gave me and continues to give me in the process every single day.

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