Monday, January 18, 2010

GoG 16: My SoZo Guys

So much for posting every single day, huh? Ha! Well, here's Saturday's GoG. ... If I can remember it. Hmm ....

Ah, yes ... Saturday night I went to Jonathan and Levi's basketball game at Bethesda Christian School. Jonathan and Levi are two of my SoZo guys. ...... I guess the GoG is pretty simple. I was sitting in the bleachers watching the game ... and watching my guys.

Jonathan tore his ACL several months ago, had surgery several months ago, and his knee still acts up from time to time, so he couldn't play in the game ... he's actually been out for a few weeks and is pretty bummed about it, so say a quick prayer for him as you read this, if you will. :) .... Anyways ... I watched him as he sat on the sidelines with his teammates. He would stand to his feet and cheer when an awesome 3-pointer was made. He would stand up and scowl when a bad call was made. He would stand up and welcome his teammates back to the bench during time-outs, patting them on the back and speaking encouraging words to 'em.

Levi sat on the bench most of the game. Bethesda was barely up most of the game against Indianapolis Metro, so he didn't get to play as much as he would've liked. I compare him with my brother. Wes was a really good basketball player in high school, but the coach didn't play him nearly enough. So is the same with Levi. But just like Wes did in high school, Levi sat the bench quietly, never taking on a bad attitude, always cheering for his teammates, showing real character.

And David ... or Super Dave, as we like to call him in youth group ... Jonathan's younger brother. He plays soccer, so he was standing in the student section of the bleachers laughing, cheering, eating snacks from the concession stand, simply having a good time. He likes to smile ... and laugh ... he does them both a lot and quite well, I might add. ... Some people are really good at laughing while others are lame at it. Super Dave is a great laugher! His laughs are contagious, and his smile makes my day ... if not everyone else's. :)

Watching these three guys, I could not help but smile. Smile? Heck, I was beaming. Jonathan, Levi, and Super Dave are my guys. Whether they know it or not ... whether they wanna be or not ... they are my guys. I am incredibly proud of them. And I love them more than they know. I sat in those bleachers smiling from ear to ear simply because I have the privilege of having them in my life every Sunday morning and Sunday night during SoZo. God loves me enough that He gave me 3 upstanding, hilarious, talented, quiet but fun guys to share life and growing up in Christ with. Yep ... God's grace in the form of my SoZo guys. Praise God for them!

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What fun!