Sunday, January 17, 2010

GoG 15: The Text Message

On Friday night, I went to hang out with some friends ... to watch movies, eat junk food, chat, laugh, and just enjoy each other's company. I got there an hour late ... took a long nap that afternoon and just took my time getting there. I don't like to be late to get-togethers, or anything for that matter, but it was nice to just chill. I was also having a kind of bad night ... just put out about something (silly) and just feeling like bllllaaahhh. I left the house hoping that some time with friends would help. (It did.)

On my way to the girls' night, Emily texted me asking, "Are ya still coming to Lawana's?" I said, "Yep, just leaving my house." And I asked her if she was still at home, hoping she could ride with me. But seeing as I was very late, she was already there. But after asking her if she was home, she said, "No, I'm already here. I just want you here. It's that whole being in the same room with you thing. I miss you." .... And it was just one of those timely little bits of encouragement that God, in His love and faithfulness, brings to us right when we need it most - hence, the "timely" I just mentioned. :)

Emily is my best friend in the whole world ... my bosom buddy ... my soulmate (until I find my husband) ... my other half ... ect., ect. And we talked a while ago about how we just feel better about everything when we're together ... or really, when we're just in the same room together. We don't even have to be next to each or talking to each other ... we just like to know the other is close by. So to get her text that night was just a huge blessing. ... And a sign of God's grace in my life because I have a friend as dear and close to me as Emily.

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Anonymous said...

Yay for sweet friends like Emily!