Tuesday, January 26, 2010

GoG 26: The "Single Days" Chat With Jeremy

Jeremy, Nathanael, Marianne, and I met at Wendy's today for a frosty and some youth pastor talk. The four of us meet every Tuesday for a couple of hours just to catch up, praying for one another, share burdens, joys, time with our youth, etc. After Nathanael left and Marianne was getting some dinner to go, I was headed out the door, when Jeremy looks at me and says ... "So ...." I shut the door and come back in. And he says again ... "So ..... how's it goin'?" This by itself was a blessing. In the bigger group, it's hard to really know how someone is doing ... so he was taking the time to really find out. Gosh. That's awesome.

I said, "It's goin' alright." He said, "Yeah?" And he said, "I've been prayin' for ya." And we started talking about something I was a tad bit taken off guard with ... only 'cause it's Jeremy, and we don't usually talk about my "single days." It started with talk about SoZo, since that's our commonality. But I made a comment like, "It would be even better if I could find some youth pastor guy around here who could work with me in youth ministry ... even if it was part-time, that's fine with me." And for there, we talked about me getting plugged in to a singles/young adult group somewhere, etc. We also talked about how I'm lonely 'cause most of my friends are married or getting married and having babies, and they're leaving me in one way or another. It wasn't a conversation I was expecting, but it was really encouraging. Just that Jeremy took the time to dig a little deeper than the surface ... and then tell me that he's been praying for me about this area of my life. That's simply and amazingly amazing. And just one of the many glimpses of God's grace today. :)


Big Doofus (Roger) said...

That's just how Jeremy rolls. He's an all-around great guy. I cannot imagine life at GFC without him.

This post got me thinking about Higher Ground and whether or not we should start that (or something like it) back up again. Maybe we can discuss that when Andrea and I have you over for dinner soon.

Anonymous said...

God always brings the encouragment when we need it.
Glad He send Jeremy to give you a smile and a needed lifting of burdens.