Sunday, January 3, 2010

GoG 2: The Best Medicine

Laughter is one of the greatest things in the world. Next to my salvation, God's grace and faithfulness, and the amazing relationships in my life, laughter is the greatest gift I believe there to be in the whole world! I also have quite the knack for it. It doesn't take much to get me laughin' so hard I can't stop. :D It's just a ton of fun to laugh!

Today, I got a glimpse of God's grace through laughter. My mom and dad and my brother and me were sitting in Chic-fil-e eating lunch, and after we all finished, we sat for a few minutes. All of a sudden, my dad said "So ... in an emergency, where should you go?" And we all busted out laughing with groans and "oh no, not again's" on our lips. He just looked over at us and smiled really big. ... You had to be there to really know why that's funny .... it was pretty great. We all laughed pretty hard about it.

If you know my dad, he's pretty cautious ... likes to have a plan for everything ... and really wants to make sure his family is safe - ya know, dad stuff. But he's also repetitive and sometimes a bit obnoxious with it all. But our minor annoyance almost always turns to humor because my dad is just such a character. Gotta love him! .... Well, more than once in the past year he has brought up the issue of where to go in an emergency that rips our house apart. Unlikely, yes. But not improbable. But dad bringing it up multiple times and in such a serious way ... it makes us, as a family, laugh and sometimes, roll our eyes at him.

For him to ask it at the moment he did was priceless. Out of the blue. In a fisicious manner. Ha! It just got all of us laughing ... which eventually, led to more and more laughing. :)

Proverbs 17:22
A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

See, it's true! Being happy, excited, laughing out loud is so good for us! And God allows us to laugh ... He not only allows us but enables us to laugh ... He even wants us to laugh! :) He considers it medicine to heal our depressed and weary and growing faint spirits. Man. God is the coolest! :) Again, this is His grace in action. He loves us so much that He not only enables us to experience laughter, but He prescribes it for our everyday lives even though we never deserve the joy that laughter brings. ..... Good stuff.

Have you laughed today? :D

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Anonymous said...

If it's sanity you're after
The recipe
Is laughter.

Don't remember whose quote that is, but it's somebody important in my quote book. :)