Monday, January 25, 2010

GoG 24: The Confidence and the Glory

"You guide me with Your counsel, and afterward, You will take me into glory."
Psalm 73:24

This verse has meant a lot to me in the past ... just one of those verses that God threw at me right when I needed it. And I stumbled across it again recently. .... Actually, I was reading something else in my Bible, and whatever I was reading made me think of this verse. But at the time, I couldn't remember where it was found. Let's see .... what was I reading that made me think of this verse. Let me go get my Bible. Un momento, por favor ....

Ah, yes. I think it was Psalm 71:5. I've been reading through several different books in the Bible lately. Psalm is kind of my quicker read ... the "study" I do on nights that I don't make the time to read more fully. So ... I AM admitting to my laziness here. I'm working on it. ;) .... Anyway ... a few nights ago, I was reading through Psalm 71, and I came across verse 5 and thought, "yeah! I need that tonight. Thanks, God!" Psalm 71:5 says, "For You are my hope; O Lord God, You are my confidence from my youth." ... That night, I was really struggling with the whole singleness scene ... mostly 'cause almost all of my friends are getting married and having babies. I'm one of the last ones. They're all leavin' me in one way or another. I was just really bummed the other night, and I read this chapter ... and boy, it was great! The whole chapter is full of encouragement. .... I've been reading through Psalms and picking out the names/descriptions of God. In this one chapter I found these ... Refuge, Upright, Deliverer, Rescuer, Savior, Rock, Fortress, Hope, Confidence, Sustainer, Help, Strong, The One Who Makes Me Great, Comforter, Truth, The Holy One Of Israel, and Redeemer. That's a lot! So this chapter helped me readjust my perspective. ... I was basically having a pity party ... bummin' out that my friends are leaving me ... wanting a season that is not what God wants for me right now, etc., etc. And God, through Psalm 71, was reminding me that HE ALONE is all that I need ... HE ALONE is the refuge, Savior, Hope, and Confidence of my life. HE ALONE is the One who makes me great! That is some good stuff, yo!

Alright ... so how the heck did I start with Psalm 73:24 and then go on about Psalm 71:5 for so long?? Well, it's me we're talking about ... The Tangent Queen. He he he. :D ..... For me, Psalm 71:5 reminded me of Psalm 73:24. I couldn't find 73:24 the other night, but I read it tonight in my devos and got all excited that I found the verse I was thinking of the other night. I think these two verses connect for me because they both ... well ... it's kind of hard to put my correlation into words .... hmm ............

71:5 talks about God being my confidence.
73:24 talks about God guiding me.
71:5 talks about God being my confidence.
73:24 talks about God taking me into glory.

God is my confidence because He is my guide.
God is my confidence because He is my glory.
Therefore, I have no need to dwell on the things of this world ... the season of life that I am in ... the friendships that are changing ... the instability of this life ...
I have no need of them because God is my confidence. God is the One who is forever.

Confidence and glory are nearly the same in my mind because when they are set in the right place in my life (on Jesus Christ), they do not fail ... ever! When I put my confidence (abilities, strengths, hopes, dreams, etc.) in God, I am not shaken. I do not fail. I continue on, looking to Christ instead of my circumstances. When I invest my life into glory (God's purpose for my life - glorifying Him!), I am not shaken. I do not fail. I continue on, looking to Christ instead of my circumstances. ....

Perhaps it can also be said this way ... My confidence is found in the glory of God. I have confidence when I spend my time and life, heart and mind, honoring Christ with my life. .... Yep, that be the correlation between the two verses. When I focus all of my energies on bringing glory to Christ, my confidence is nurtured, awakened, alive!

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