Wednesday, January 20, 2010

GoG 19: The A, O, and W

I've been thinking a lot about servanthood over the past couple of days. Early this month, I asked my SoZo kids to write down some goals for themselves this year. The following week we talked about goals for ourselves as a group. Most of the kids said that they want to do service projects this year. I was excited to hear this from them, so this past Sunday night we started looking at servanthood. We're in the process of picking out a life verse for SoZo this year, writing out a service goal statement, and brainstorming ideas about serving in our youth group, our church, our families, and our community ... as well as the wider community - we're going to Nashville, TN the last week of June to help out with a kids' summer program. The kids and I are really excited about it. And I'm really excited about setting new goals for serving others this 2010.

Today was one of my first big days "in the office." Yep, I have an office now, which is weird. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my "SoZo days," as I like to call 'em. I'll be at the church for a certain number of hours every T and W working on lessons and planning activities, ect., ect. Well, in beginning more hours at the church, my mind was all about SoZo today. I went to Heather's swim meet tonight (Heather is one of my fabulous SoZo girls), and on my way home from her meet in Lebanon, I talked out (yes, out loud) some ideas I have for SoZo this year. And that discussion (with myself - ha!) concerning SoZo turned into a discussion about me and my own life.

I've been praying a specific prayer for several years now .... "Lord, wherever you want me to go, whatever you want me to do, I will go ... I will do it. I will ... without hesitation." .... And that prayer is still my heart's desire. And I got to thinking about that prayer today as I thought about servanthood. .... I don't know where God is leading me. I'm pretty confident He'll put me with a group of kids or a group of youth (or perhaps both) ... but that's about as much as He's given me so far. ;) ..... And these thoughts about my future - the whole going wherever God wants me to go and doing whatever God wants me to do stuff - also got me thinking about my "waiting" post that I posted yesterday. In being ready to go and to do without hesitation, I also want to be serving God while I wait on that "wherever" and "whatever" He has in store for me.

On my way home from that swim meet, I said ... "Lord, I want to serve you now. I want to honor you with my life now. Lord, I want to be available. .... Ha!" Yep, that's it. I laughed out loud after that because being available, being observant, being willing is exactly what we talked about at church a couple weeks ago. Pastor Roger encouraged us ... challenged us ... to be available to God NOW! While we're waiting.

God loves us enough to give us grace in the waiting seasons. His grace is Him giving us purpose even while we wait. He wants us to be Available, to be Observant and Willing ... not moping in a corner hoping for something better. He wants us to act! He wants us to live in purpose and joy while we wait for that good work in us to be completed. And that's what I (further) realized today. "Lord, make me available for you to use ... and mightily!"

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bmhs said...

This is a great one, Mical!

1.) "...Lord, wherever you want me to go, whatever you want me to do, I will go ... I will do it. I will ... without hesitation."
What a wonderful desire in your heart. Keep it strong!

2.) "Lord, I want to serve you now. I want to honor you with my life now. Lord, I want to be available."
Mm-hmm. Me too.

Available, Observant, Willing. AOW. Marvelous set of words.

NOW is the boot camp for later practical missions. Do the push-ups your commanders issues! :)
As we walk in God's will right NOW, and do the things that give Him glory and let Him transform us into His radiant reflections, this is the best preparation for the future. Whatever. Whenever. Wherever.