Saturday, January 23, 2010

GoG 22: The Awesome Spring Semester

I like to talk to myself ... all the time. And I talk out loud with myself. I have full-out conversations with myself. It's very productive. ;) ..... Yesterday, I was driving home from working in the writing center, chatting with myself about the day's efforts. We haven't had many people come in for tutoring 'cause it's the first couple of weeks of the semester. I've had one tutee per day this week. But we find ways to stay busy in the writing center. .... On my way home, I was thinking about the writing center and how good it has been for me over the past (almost) three years ... and how much I've enjoyed working there. I also started thinking about how this semester has been and will continue to be great because I'm doing the things I love! :)

This Spring I get to spend my time working at Calvary prepping for time with my SoZo kids ... planning activities, lesson plans, events outside of youth group, praying for them, etc. I get to work with people and their writing every Thursday and Friday ... chatting with them, serving them, and hopefully, making their day better. I get to hang out with my Eastside kids every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon ... loving on them, helping them with their homework, running around and playing games with them. I also have more time for nurturing friendships, exercising, and spending time with God (something I need to do more of!). Life is just plain good. :) And it reminded me of God's grace because He allows me to not only enjoy but have time to work in my callings and get paid for it!!!! There is no greater blessing!

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