Tuesday, January 26, 2010

GoG 25: The Stranded Malibu

7:08pm. I left Hannah's parent's house.

7:22pm. I took a curve too fast and drove off the road, getting stuck in a muddy, snowy cornfield in what I thought was Brownsburg, Indiana.

7:24pm. I called my dad to say ... "So I kind of drove into a cornfield, and I'm stuck."

7:26-and-a-half pm. I called Hannah to make sure I had my coordinates right.

7:29pm. I called AAA and told them my "right" coordinates.

8:15pm. My dad calls to tell me that he has taken 425 N. all the way, and I was not there.

8:32pm. The 9th stranger who stopped to offer his help arrives right as my dad calls for the 6th time.

8:34pm. That same 9th stranger talks to my dad, telling him that my initial coordinate were all wrong ... and in fact, I am in Pittsboro, Indiana ... near 450 N. and 250 E.

8:38pm. I get back in my car as that 9th stranger offers to wait in his truck until my dad gets there.

8:52pm. My dad finally arrives, shakes the 9th stranger's hand, and I climb into the car with my dad.

9:49pm. The AAA guy arrives with his big truck and chain.

10:04pm. We leave that spot way out in the middle of non-Brownsburg, Indiana (and nowhere) and head home at a crazy-slow 15 miles per hour.

10:29pm. Dad and I pull in to our driveway ... home safe and sound.

Hahahaha! Believe it or not, that excursion in the cornfield was my glimpse of grace for the day. Not hard to believe, it was very humbling. .... I've never run off the road before. I've never gotten stuck. Never had to call AAA. And only had to call my dad for help once ... mmaaayybee twice ... in all of my (almost) 6 years of driving. And I had to sit there for an awfully long time ... feeling like a total idiot.

So the glimpse of grace was #1 - Being humbled.
#2 - About 14 people passed by, and about 11 of those people stopped and asked me if they could help me. That's awesome! That was a huge blessing by itself.
#3 - My dad wasn't super mad at me ... he was a bit frustrated when he was trying to find me ... but when he got there, and we sat in the car together, he just laughed.
#4 - The AAA guy was really nice about it all and very helpful.
#5 - I even got a little worship in while I was waiting.

It was an excursion alright. A bit frustrating at a few different points ... but humbling and a blessing in a few ways. Ha! It funny how God works, eh? ;)

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