Monday, January 4, 2010

GoG 4: The Phone Call

I'm not really at liberty to say why Hannah's call is God's grace in action for me today ... but it nearly literally felt like a breath of fresh air to hear her say "Is this Mical? Hey, this is Hannah Kay" on the other end of the phone. Hannah is a new friend of mine, and really, it's hard to call her a friend ... not because she's not amazing ... she is! It's just hard 'cause we've only met twice, and neither time was real conducive (I hope that's the right word) for getting to know each other.

All I really know about her is that ...
She is marrying my good friend, James Nilsen.
She is transferring from Ball State to IUPUI.
She just moved to Indianapolis.
She works at a Red Robin somewhere.
She and Emily have a lot in common.
And ...
She is gorgeous, incredibly sweet, cute, and tons of fun!

Her call today was so ... I didn't think timely was the right word, but ... yes. Timely.
I have some "issues" that are nearing their end ... but there are threads of "ache" still attached to my heart, and they are in their final stages. Just some tiny details of a past hurt that need surrendering. And they've actually been weighing on me a bit the past couple of weeks. But Hannah's call. Yep. It was so timely and full of God's grace. :) .... Surrender is such a process. Surrender as a process has been the greatest lesson of my life over the past 3 years. Thankfully, God is beyond faithful. :) And by God's grace, He is bringing little things, like Hannah's phone call, along to help me surrender everything to Him - totally and completely.

Verse for the day ...
Psalm 55:22 - Cast your burden on the Lord, and He will sustain you.

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Anonymous said...

And sustain He does!
There's a song that the Gaither gospel band sings, and one of the lines is,
"If He carried the weight of the world/up on His shoulders. I know my brother, and I know my sister, that He will surely carry you."

Hannah is a sweetie, isn't she? She and James are cute to watch. :)