Wednesday, January 20, 2010

GoG 20: The "Week-Long Drive"

I was headed to after school today after working at the church for a couple of hours, and I really didn't feel like going. Yes, believe it or not, I didn't want to be at after school today. The reason? The drive is so long. On Wednesdays, I drive nearly an hour to the Eastside for the after school program. And although I adore my kids, that drive is rough. I've been driving it for almost a year and a half ... and I've been driving the long haul to IUPUI's campus (only about 10 minutes shorter the distance) for nearly 4 years. The same road, the same buildings, the same speed limits. It's just redundant. I was losing my mind on my way there today. But anyway ... today I just really didn't feel like makin' the drive. I have also been feeling like I'm not really needed at after school 'cause my location only has 6 to 8 kids and 4 adults every Wednesday and Thursday. 2 kids per adult is a lot.

I don't help out at after school to feel needed ... and I reminded myself of that today. I go because I am in love with these inner city kids. I am blessed EVERY single day I go. I go to serve. And I love it! Just some days ... when that drive feels like a week. A week there and a week back ... I just let my ... well, I guess you could call 'em selfish ambitions ... get in the way.

God, in all of His mighty grace though .... ha! He did it again ... poured it on me again today. :) .... I got to Shepherd Community Center where I pick up food to deliver to the after school locations. Last semester, I delivered food to three locations including my own. This semester, we agreed that I would only deliver to my location for scheduling reasons. .... Well, today, Shepherd had me deliver to Brookside Church, one of the other locations. When I got there and walked through the door with the food, the first thing Mr. Scott said to me was "Hey, do you wanna help us here today?" I kept walkin' and yelled back "Do you need help today?" ... After I finished dropping off the food, I stopped and asked again "Do y'all really need my help here today?" And I agreed to talk to Mr. Doug, the really cool guy who runs my location ... and so ... after we got our kids settled (we had several more than 6 or 8 today ... and more adult helpers too ... whatta ya know?), I took off for Brookside and helped them out with their many kids this afternoon.

Ha! Ya see? ..... I started laughing when I got into my car after dropping off the food at Brookside because I didn't know what else to do. I immediately knew that Mr. Scott asking me to help them at Brookside was my glimpse of grace for the day. .... There I was, on my way to after school, driving that "week-long drive" to the Eastside, thinking that I was burned out and "not needed anyway." But I get to the Eastside, and not only have we doubled our numbers at my after school location, but I am needed at another location. It was awesome! .... I don't deserve to be needed, but God, in all His grace, decided to allow me the privilege of delivering to a location I wasn't originally supposed to deliver to and help at a location I don't ever help at. I was needed after all. And that, is God's grace in action! :)

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Anonymous said...

Hurrah for God's glorious grace!
His mercies never fail, they are new every morning.
What a comfort! What a blessing!

You have the right perspective.....see God's hand in all of this. Remember that it'snot just "hey, great luck today!" but "My God takes care of me in ways that I don't deserve and can't imagine."

I need to remember that a lot more often.

Jesus! What a friend for sinners. Jesus! Lover of my soul.